long time no see...

Actually I had got back L.A. last a month, and then I tried to write this blog but my computer did not get wireless Internet. Then I just took photos that I made and ate, so I am going to put them little by little...

Upper photo is Roll Cabbage with Tomato sauce. Actually, it was first time that I cooked from first step by myself. I just had had experiences to help making it beside my parents. I felt worry but it was very good. Roll-Cabbages did not tear anywhere, but cabbages are a little bit hard. I expected it that is a soft enough to cut by a fork. After dinner, a web recipe said you needed to stew for 2 hours... I had stewed only for 20 minutes. It is too short! Ha-ha! I will try it next time.
This is called "Mustard German Potato". I did not really like mustard and did not know how to use it in cooking. This recipe teach me that any recipes are able to be reborn as a new recipe by a small thing.I also tried Chinese food. Honey Walnut Shrimp is one of Chinese foods that my boyfriend's love. He always order it when we get a Chinese restaurant. This is absolutely high calories food because of deep fry and honey walnut. It was yummy though.


Things that I ate recently

I went eating Cold Stone Ice Cream, Germanchokolatekake, that is so good. I have already ate "Bery Bery Bery Good", "Chocolate Devotion", "Mud Pie Mojo", and "Strawberry Banana Rendezvous". Strawberry Banana Rendezvous is best in Cold Stone Ice Cream I ate. I think strawberry and banana are king of combination in all fruits. Anyway, why I chose Germanchokolatekake I love combination of chocolate and coconut.

This is potato chips that I found at Famima!! When I saw this, this was in my hand. This chip is pretty good because these chips are a bit thicker than usual chips and are not so salty, besides there is taste on themselves. If you find this, I recommend to try.



I'm baking a lot these days!! ^-^
I'm really enjoying my summer vacation!!

Today, I made this. This name is "Berry Good Roll".

I really like berry. Strawberry, Blueberry, Blackberry...(´∀`*)
I wanted eat berry bread but I could find blueberry bagel or something like that. I could not find blueberry roll bread.
I thought how can I make it. I don't have a mold for bread so I decided to use a mold for cupcake. It look cute, though♪

I also made this berry source. This is really really good!!
I will add yogurt or pancake or...*^-^*yummy♪

This source is used Strawberry, Blueberry, and Blackberry. This is so gorgeous and rich!
I used this recipe → http://trc.cocolog-nifty.com/kentaro/2004/11/post_1.html

This is so easy. You take only 10 minutes!!
You should try this. ^-^

I also baked simple one. These didn't anything.
These are so good, though. I can not buy anymore. lol

This is first time to bake bread but it was fun. I will bake again with different recipe. I would like to bake hard one.^-^


Girl's Talk

This is pasta!
You can see. lol

The other day, I and my friends gathered and wend to Italian Restaurant with Sun.
Sun who is one of my friends feel only because Sun's husband went buck to Korea for 2 weeks, so we got dnner together♪
We ordered 1 side dish, 2 pastas and 1 cooked fish with some... a bit sour... but it's like TERIYAKI source.
↑This pasta is one of the pastas we ordered.
Actually, this is a pasta I chose and ordered.

We really enjoyed them and also got great time.
All of meals are very big size, we, 5 girls, could not eat all of them. After eating, it's like we are pregnant. lol

Actually, Sun is pregnant. lol

"Buca di Beppo"
Phone: (626) 792-7272

This amazing building is Pasadena City Hall. This building had been remodeled till a few days ago.
It was first time for me to see after remodeling.

After dinner, we picked Care, who is my friend, up and went Paseo Colorado.
We talked a lot at there for around 1 hour.
And then, we went Sun's house and talked a lot again about... it is girls talk so there is not topic. Just talking and talking.

I felt be really good friends more.
I want to do this kind of thing again!! ^-^


summer vacation!!

Summer vacation began from today!! I'm so happy!!

So, I don't have any classes and something to do.
During this vacation, I will do my hobbies!!!

My hobbies are cooking, baking, taking photos, and drawing pictures.
I'll do everything!!... it's my hope.
I do my best during vacation.

Today, I made Blue Berry Muffin.
Its Looks so cute, isn't it?
I put crumble top of these muffins.
It makes muffins cuter.

Next time, I will bake a bread and make some sandwich.
It sounds good. Σd(^∀^*) lol

Maybe, this blog is going to be my cooking blog.
I'm making many kinds of food♪